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Powermaster CSWI-2004 2HP 230-208 Volt 1 Phase Super Heavy Duty Swing Gate Opener #202
Powermaster CSWI-2004 2HP 230-208 Volt 1 Phase Super Heavy Duty Swing Gate Opener #202

Powermaster CSWI-2004 2HP 230-208 Volt 1 Phase Super Heavy Duty Swing Gate Opener #202

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Part Number:PowerMaster-CSWI-2004-202

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Options for add with the Operator
Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.
Kit Receiver and Two Remote Control 433MHz
Kit Receiver 433 MHz (+$79.95)
Mini-Remote Control model 433 MHz 2-Button
Remote (1) (+$17.50)
Remote (2) (+$35.00)
Remote (5) (+$87.50)
Remote (10) (+$175.00)
Exit Wand
Exit Wand (+$129.95)
KeyPad Wire
KeyPad Wireless
Phone Entry System (American Access System)
American Access System (+$649.00)
Safety Preform Loop (Require Safety Sensor)
EMX Loop Sensor ( UltraII D-TEK)
EMX Loop Sensor ( UltraII D-TEK) (+$99.00)

Swing Gate Operators

Model CSWI Swing Gate Operator

The CSWI is designed for use on gates with a maximum weight of 1800 pounds and a maximum width of 30 feet. The gate will travel from open to close in approximately 13 seconds and is rated for a maximum of 45 cycles per hour. The CSWI is available from 1/2 1-2 HP in single for three phase. The drive arm is easily disconnected for manual operation in case of power failure. This unit is UL 325 listed for use in Class 1 through Class IV applications.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Solid state control board with diagnostic LED s to indicate all input and output functions.
  • External control input terminal connections for:
    • Radio Receiver
    • Push Button Control Station
    • Key Switches
    • Loop Detectors
    • Card Key Readers
    • Telephone Entry Systems, Etc.
  • Timer to close with 0-60 sec. Adjustment standard. Longer timer available upon request.
  • Maximum run timer for equipment protection (self-adjusting).
  • Master/Slave option with dedicated terminal connection provided.
  • Easy Left/Right changeover.
  • Time delay on reverse to insure smooth gate motion and less stress on equipment.
  • Spike suppressing circuitry for surge and lightning protection.
  • Emergency control enabling circuitry for safety with security.
  • Electrical dynamic brake for precise gate positioning.
  • Magnetic gate lock control circuitry with 115 Volt output terminals.
  • Integral current sensing anti-entrapment circuitry with independent opening and closing sensitivity adjustment.
  • External anti-entrapment circuitry with separate terminal connections for easy installation of contact and non-contact sensors.
  • 1/2 HP., 115 Volt AC, 6 Amp., 1 Phase, instant reversing, switchless, PSC motor, with thermal overload protection and high speed ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Internal On/Off power switch.
  • Two grounded 115 Volt AC, 15 Amp. Convenience receptacles.
  • NEMA 1 three-button control station included.

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Heavy duty #7 Ga. Steel frame providing a strong and durable unit.
  • Hard shell baked-on weather resistant powder coating with an attractive textured finish for years of aesthetic protection from the elements.
  • Timing belt primary reduction for smooth, quiet and positive operation.
  • Heavy duty 45:1, oil bath type gear reducer for long service and dependable operation.
  • Heavy duty #50 sprocket and roller chain arrangement for final drive reduction.
  • Heavy duty pillow block type ball bearings supporting output drive shaft and enabling extended endurance under heavy loads with low maintenance.
  • Drive arm easily disconnected for manual operation in case of power failure.
  • Easily adjustable limit switch cams for precision gate positioning.
  • Soft start and stop at the open and close limits of travel, due to the inherent geometry of the articulating drive arm linkage.
  • Pad mounted for a strong, solid installation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power requirements: 230/208 Volts, 1 phase
  • Class 2 low voltage control circuit.
  • Available horse power: 1 1/2 HP.
  • Maximum gate weight: 1800 LBS.
  • Maximum cycles per hour: 45 CPH.
  • Maximum gate width: 30 feet.
  • Gate speed: 13 seconds from open to close.
  • UL 325 Listed for use in Class I through IV application.
  • Shipping weight: approx. 220 LBS.

Optional Equipment:

  • Radio Control.
  • Safety Edge (contact safety sensor).
  • Photo Cell (non-contact safety sensor).
  • Loop Detector.
  • Card Key Reader.
  • Magnetic Gate Lock.
  • Gear Box Heater (for cold climates).
  • Thermostatically Controlled Cooling Fan (for hot climates).
  • Interior and Exterior Control Stations:
    • Push Buttons
    • Push Button with Keyed Lockout
    • Key Switches
  • Padlockable Option to secure cover for increased tamper proof protection.
  • Three Second Advance Audio Warning Signal available upon request.
  • Slow Speed Option (18 sec. From open to close).
  • Super Slow Speed Option (23 sec. From open to close).