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Powermaster SG-71 2004 3/4HP 115/230 Volt 1 Phase Heavy Duty Commercial Sliding Gate Opener
Powermaster SG-71 2004 3/4HP 115/230 Volt 1 Phase Heavy Duty Commercial Sliding Gate Opener

Powermaster SG-71 2004 3/4HP 115/230 Volt 1 Phase Heavy Duty Commercial Sliding Gate Opener

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Part Number:PowerMaster-SG2004-71

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Options for add with the Operator
Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.
Kit Receiver and Two Remote Control 433MHz
Kit Receiver 433 MHz (+$79.95)
Mini-Remote Control model 433 MHz 2-Button
Remote (1) (+$17.50)
Remote (2) (+$35.00)
Remote (5) (+$87.50)
Remote (10) (+$175.00)
Exit Wand
Exit Wand (+$129.95)
KeyPad Wire
KeyPad Wireless
Phone Entry System (American Access System)
American Access System (+$649.00)
Safety Preform Loop (Require Safety Sensor)
EMX Loop Sensor ( UltraII D-TEK)
EMX Loop Sensor ( UltraII D-TEK) (+$99.00)

Slide Gate Operators

Model SG Slide Gate Operator


Supply Model SG Slide Gate Operator, as recommended for cantilever, rolling, or overhead sliding gates. Operator to have oilbath type, worm gear reducer. Final reduction and drive chain to be #50 or larger roller chain. Output shafts minimum 1" diameter, supported by sealed rolller bearings. 
Provide adjustable torque limiting clutch and solenoid operated brake. Mechanical disconnect by means of lockable handle to allow manual operation. Adjustable limit switches of the positive chain driven type. A spring set, solenoid released, double shoe brake shall be provided to prevent gate from coasting.

Motor to be high starting torque, industrial type, removable without affecting limit switch settings, and shall incorporate thermal overload protection. The motor controller shall be a full voltage, across-the-line, mechanically interlocked reversing contactor.

The Control circuit shall be 24 VAC and shall include a maximum run timer to limit run time to 90 seconds or less, a 1.5 second delay on reverse to reduce shock loads on gate and provisions for all types of obstruction sensing devices. A clearly marked, thermal strip shall be provided for all field connections. The control shall have provisions for connecting; 3 button stations, single button stations, radio controls, loop detectors and automatic closing timer without additional changes.

The operator must be field convertible from right hand to left hand and for use as a single, master or slave without additional parts or modifications. An on/off switch will be provided to disconnect power at electrical enclosure. The operator stand shall be heavy gauge steel, primed and painted to resist corrosion with provisions for mounting to concrete pad.

The weather proof cover shall have a lockable hinged cover for access to control equipment.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Solid state control board with diagnostic LED s to indicate all input and output functions.
  • External control input terminal connections for:
    • Radio Receiver
    • Push Button Control Station
    • Key Switches
    • Loop Detectors
    • Card Key Readers
    • Telephone Entry Systems, Etc.
  • Timer to close with 0-60 sec. Adjustment standard. Longer timer available upon request.
  • Maximum run timer for equipment protection (self-adjusting).
  • Master/Slave option with dedicated terminal connection provided.
  • Easy Left/Right changeover.
  • Time delay on reverse to insure smooth gate motion and less stress on equipment.
  • Spike suppressing circuitry for surge and lightning protection.
  • Emergency control enabling circuitry for safety with security.
  • Electrical dynamic or solenoid brake for precise gate positioning.
  • Magnetic gate lock circuitry with control relay.
  • Integral, speed sensing, anti-entrapment circuitry with independent opening and closing sensitivity adjustment.
  • External anti-entrapment circuitry with separate terminal connections for easy installation of contact and non-contact sensors.
  • 1 Phase or 3 phase instant reversing motors with thermal overload protection and high speed ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation. Single phase motors available in capacitor start or switchless PSC styles.
  • Internal On/Off power switch.
  • Two grounded 115 Volt AC, 15 Amp. Convenience receptacles (115V units only).
  • NEMA 1 three-button control station included.
  • Selectable three second advanced audio warning signal

Mechanical Specification:

  • Heavy duty #11 Ga. Galvanized steel frame providing a strong and durable unit.
  • 40:1, oil bath type, gear reducer for long service and smooth, quiet operation.
  • Heavy duty #50 drive chain with a spring loaded tensioning system for smooth starts, stops, and reversals.
  • Heavy duty pillow block type ball bearings supporting output drive shaft and enabling extended endurance under heavy loads with low maintenance.
  • Padlockable drive disconnect with brass slide for manual operation in case of power failure.
  • Positive chain driven rotary limit switches for precision gate positioning. Settings are never affected by manual operation.
  • Post or pad mountable for easy installation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power requirements:
    115/230V, 1 phase
    230/460V, 3 phase.
  • Class 2 low voltage control circuit.
  • Available horse power: 1/2,1-1/2, 2 HP.
  • Maximum gate weight: 1800 LBS.
  • Maximum cycles per hour: 30 CPH.
  • Maximum gate width: 50 feet.
  • Gate speed: 11 inches per second.
  • UL 325 Listed for use in Class I through IV application.
  • Shipping weight: approx. 235 LBS.

Optional Equipment:

  • Radio Control.
  • Safety Edge (contact safety sensor).
  • Push Buttons with Keyed Lockout
  • Loop Detector.
  • Card Key Reader.
  • Magnetic Gate Lock.
  • Gear Box Heater (for cold climates).
  • Thermostatically Controlled Cooling Fan (for hot climates).
  • Interior and Exterior Control Stations:
    • Push Buttons
    • Push Button with Keyed Lockout
    • Key Switches
  • Padlockable Option to secure cover for increased tamper proof protection.
  • Foot disconnect system.
  • Polyethylene rust and dent proof cover.
  • Torque limiting clutch.